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Powerful, transformative leadership training

Honing and harmonizing teams to achieve best-in-class results takes a deliberate, methodical process. For over twenty years, I studied those theories. The workplace became my laboratory. I researched, tested, measured, and adjusted. The result: my teams rarely missed a goal, and we had fun doing it. Along the way, many of my staff went on to achieve their greatest potential in life and work, building powerful careers. 

I turned my years of experience and study
into a one-of-kind training program
and delivered it to clients everywhere.

My trainings hinge on a process I developed called the T.I.M. Principle: Translate, Innovate, Manage, which I then embedded in a comprehensive leader-manager model. Most development programs (and I feel like I have taken or taught them ALL) focus on one thing. They teach leadership or management; innovation or team building; broad concepts or tactical tools. I found that any missing piece led to inevitable failure. Then I tested that finding with other organizations through my consulting. The results remained the same. My program will give you the means to discover your personal best leadership AND tools and strategies for operational enhancement. You'll learn how to create systems that funnel goals from the strategic plan right down to individual evaluations. You'll learn how to harmonize competing tensions, develop plug-and-play communication channels, and hold yourself and your teams accountable in a simple, non-dramatic, non-confrontational way. In fact, you'll have more fun.  Don't wait. Let's chat about what kind of training will work for you or your organization today, so your team is shining by tomorrow!


"Pam was an outstanding educational decision for our team. Her message of leading authentically with an appreciative mindset is such an inspirational way to navigate your way through a purposeful career and lead a truly successful life. If you are looking for an intrinsically motivated way of leading or influencing people, Pam can absolutely make that connection with her message." - Brian George, HR Executive at Cutco Corporation

"I attended your session this morning and it was incredible. You provided such a thoughtful, strategic, and prepared session with lots of 'take homes.' Thank you for your preparation. I too am a leadership junkie, so much so that I earned a doctorate in leadership. You've provided me with new resources and I can't wait to do my homework." - Kelly Brennan, Ed.D.

"I wanted to reach out to thank you for your leadership session at the conference. It was the most inspiring session I have ever attended." - Kelly Sudol, Director of Annual Giving and Advancement Services, St. John Fisher College

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