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Pamela supports all sorts of writing careers through coaching regardless of interest or industry. However, for full-length ghostwriting projects she specializes in nonfiction books in the Biography > Memoir and Narrative Nonfiction categories with a particular interest in deeply emotional stories that detail life-altering experiences, reflective of the broader human experience. She seeks books that have the capacity to shed light on important social issues and impact readers’ understanding of self, the world, and their fellow human beings. She is particularly interested in international authors, diverse cultures, LGBTQ+ authors, persons with disabilities and mental health stories, witnesses, victims, and individuals with first-hand experience of social issues. Pamela is a long-time journalist and loves to incorporate journalistic research into books.

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Writing & Editing

Pam provides co-writing, ghost-writing, and developmental editing services. For co-writing and ghostwriting, she engages a very unique interview-style experience that ensures your book has the vivid, literary, descriptive detail publishers look for. It's your story. Pam will give it wings.


Pre-pitch & Submission

Now we create the pre-pitch packet with all elements needed for multiple formats and agent or publisher requirements including market research, identifying a list of best-fit publishers or agents, and submission! Self-publishing support is also an option.


Publishing & Marketing

New authors often have a LOT of questions. Pam will work with you throughout publication to make sure you have the answers you need. Marketing includes a comprehensive, customized marketing plan with a litany of tools for you to promote, sell, and speak!


"In 2021, Pam and I began talking about a piece for her online news agency, as it related to the death of my son. The long talks and interviews blossomed into an amazing friendship, that would lead to a partnership. Pam was the leading voice behind me writing my story, and creating something that would truly impact others. Pam has been the editing eyes, the therapeutic ear, the marketing brainstorm, and publishing guide throughout my journey in writing my book. Her endless advice and vast knowledge were beyond needed. Since Pam is a 5x published author and an expert in keynote speaking, she opened endless avenues for me in the world of literature, guest speaking, advocating, and so much more." - T.R. Sherlock


"Pam has been a consummate professional and continues to impress with her phenomenal interview skills and knowledge of the literary world. For example, she took a subpar press release, turned it into a document that demanded attention, and proved effective in getting responses and interviews from many media outlets regarding my book. I can’t speak highly enough of her and I hope to find ways to work together again. She’s one of a kind!" - Cory Allen


Pamela is a working on a groundbreaking memoir that is currently in the query phase. After months of interviewing the subject, writing, and editing, this important piece of literature is coming soon, and contains the potential to break open social and cultural conversations worldwide.


Pam has been publishing for decades. She is an experienced author with three titles published through traditional publishing agencies and two self-published - which she did for the experience of it. She has authored hundreds of articles in magazines, blogs, digital and print publications for years. Pamela has a Certificate in Literary Representation from UCLA Extension.

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