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Fundraising Analysis & Content Development

Raising funds for a nonprofit mission remains both an art and a science. Do you want to raise more money for your mission? Develop a powerful team focused on best practices in philanthropy? Understand precisely how to capitalize on your strengths? Identify those areas where you may be underperforming? Teach your staff, volunteers, and board members how to be the best fundraisers they can be? Look no further. For two decades, Pamela raised millions of dollars alongside powerful teams and clients.



"Pam Say and I were selected to speak together at the 2014 International Conference on Philanthropy presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in San Antonio, Texas. Our session, Five Strategies to Increase Your Annual Fund, was chosen by over 225 delegates. It was a joy for me to share the stage with Pam. As a speaker on fundraising, Pam is authentic, engaging, articulate, bright, relevant, and impactful. However, Pam's speaking qualities are surpassed by her leadership. She is a successful fundraising professional. Pam really brings in the money! Pam's greatest dimension is her person. She is caring, compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent, innovative, and inspiring!" - Kent Stroman


Associate Director of Advancement, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University at Buffalo

"We engaged with Pam to speak at the Dining Out For Life International Conference. She did such a great job that we asked her back the following year. Pam’s expertise on fundraising and development and her excellent public speaking skills made for incredible sessions that inspired and empowered conference attendees. She was very thorough in her talking points and by sharing her background she provided plenty of real-world examples to which the audience could relate. In the feedback from attendees, many voices shared that Pam’s sessions were the highlight of the conferences." - Rob Baird

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